What You Need To Know About Relationship

How much do you know about a relationship? I guess not much. However, here are what you need to know about a relationship.

what you need to know about relationship1. Patience

A patient dog eats the fattest bone, enough patience is very essential in any relationship, when your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend try to do something to get you angry with patience you can solve the issue.

2. Tolerance

Note that you and your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend are not from the same family, ethnic, town etc. Even if you’re from the same family you’re not the same, everyone has his/her dos and don’ts, we need to accept each other as we are, trying to adjust to one another’s ways of life may affect the relationship.

3. Good communication

This is one of the most important things in a healthy relationship. The more you are able to communicate with each other the more you get to know about each other.

4. Understanding

Understanding each other is one of the most important things that help in a healthy relationship, one must understand each other’s conditions, ague in order to agree, disagree in order to agree.

5. Trust

Saying the truth and being trustworthy must not be eluded in a healthy relationship, be direct and open to your partner. Lack of trust can cause relationship breakup and marital conflict. Trust is very important in any relationship.

6. Love

Love is the most important element that enriches and makes relationship keep going. The less you love your partner, the more you have problems in your relationship. Asking your partner how far he/she has been surviving wherever he/she lives and other words of caring attitude are very important. The one you care about is the one that will love you the most, telling your partner “I love you” at least 3 times a day may increase the level of love in a healthy relationship.

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Finally, there must be misunderstandings in a serious relationship but it should not stay too long before it is settled and it should not be frequently or every time. Putting a smile on the face of your partner for at least twice a day is very paramount. When there is a misunderstanding, never tell your partner it is over in order to stress him or her.  Prayer is the only solution to make things work out in a relationship.


Author: Idowu Oluwatobi

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