Is falling in love a crime: The story of a girl with a broken and shattered heart

A boy out there loved a girl for quite a time, he was most supportive, caring, understanding at times.

A girl who was not intended to fall for him, as heartbroken for previous experiences.

Eventually, the boy made her feel special, acutely pampered her emotions. Later, after taking much of time the girl has fallen for him finally, started to love him. What she meant was a pure form of ‘love’ with no parameters.

Suddenly, the boy realized, they don’t fit and broke all the connections even the friendship and attachments meant nothing to him. Started to ignore her abruptly out of no reason. He just wanted to stay alone as much as he explained after asking many times.

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Then, after the girl pleaded and cried very hard to him for at least not to break the friendship, for her it was real because they were happy together. Beautiful feelings are rarely pure in life. Despite so many pleadings, the boy wanted to cut any means of contact with her.

Her life got shattered, gloominess surrounded her acutely, she was immensely in pain and got very sick too physically. Medicines were not working on her. Every checkup reports were normal, but she was not getting a cure. The guy did not even try to know about her.

For her, it was the second time, once she found it very hard to gather enough of herself to love someone again, once battled with herself to make a place in her heart for that innocent and pure guy. She was simply in disbelief that the man she trusted, respected is behaving like hell towards her out of attraction to a new girl. She was unable to recollect herself again.

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Later on, some of his activities; his acute ignorance, some lies and late-night being online on WhatsApp made her confirm that he got attracted to another new girl from one of his colleagues. She even asked him many times if he was attracted to her, she found out that he lied to her many times. In just 1 or 2 months post break up, he started to know the new girl more than her, he started to replace her late-night phone calls and conversations with that new girl. Replaced the sole friendship and supports for her with that new girl. It would not be that easy to get so close to another girl in no times for him if he ever really loved her.

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They didn’t have any arguments nor any dispute before breaking it up. If she made him hurt in any way for once with no intentions, she told sorry to him.

Is that not enough to hold on their relationship, if he really loved her?

What do you think the girl in question might have done wrong?

Is falling in love a crime?


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