How To Maintain A Long-Lasting Happy Relationship

Maintaining a Long-Lasting happy relationship is very important.  Happiness in a relationship is a relative concept meaning that “it is hard to define” because what happiness means in a relationship differs from one person to another. To some people, happiness means having fun together, hanging out, shopping, smoking, or having a conflict-free relationship while to some it may be another thing. What makes you happy in a relationship depends largely on how well you are getting all those things you defined as happiness.

long lasting happy relationship

However, below are some general tips on how to maintain a long-lasting happy relationship:

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  1. Loving each other
  2. Being honest & trustworthy
  3. Ensure there is an open and adequate communication
  4. Always ready to forgive and forget whenever he/she hurts you
  5. Never talk about break-up either as play or prank
  6. Do not pretend to be fine when you are not inside
  7. Swallow your ego or pride
  8. Never compare him/her with your ex’s
  9. Don’t be the receiver alone be willing to give also
  10. Don’t expect him/her to be perfect

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