6 Types Of People You Should Never Think Of Marrying

There are different types of people you should never think of marrying. Marriage becomes a blessing only if you marry the right partner. Choosing a wrong partner can give you eternal pain and regrets that you never imagine. The best time you can prevent a broken home or marriage is during your relationship or courtship i.e before your marriage. Any mistake made during relationship or courtship may cost you your happiness during the marriage. So, if you are looking for a life partner (husband or wife) you need to avoid these set of people. The following are the 6 types of people you should never think of marrying:

6 types of people you should never think of marrying

  1. The Dependent One

This type of partner can not do anything without their parent’s approval. They consult their parents before taking any decision in their home. Marriage is full of different ups and downs, challenges and problems. So, in a situation where there is a slight misunderstanding between the partners, this type of partner will take the matter to his/her parents.

  1. The Player

This type of partner is never ready to settle down or get married no matter how you show love to them. They are more likely to extra-marital affairs after marriage; “once a player will forever be a player”. They just want to have fun with the opposite sex and nothing more.

  1. The Lazy Ones

Laziness is a consequence of being spoiled, though some people are naturally lazy without being spoiled. The lazy ones are those that have never worked before in their life, they grew up with everything handed to them by their parents. However, this type of partner can not withstand difficulties in marriage because of the lifestyle they grew up with. If your partner is lazy during relationship or courtship, they are likely to be lazier in marriage. Don’t expect any miracle!

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  1. Emotionally Unstable

This is another types of people you should never think of marrying. Emotional stability is the ability of an individual to withstand difficult situations without losing balance; ability to manage or control your actions towards others under stressful or bad situations. Emotional stability is often ignored by many people in a relationship but it is one of the key qualities of a good spouse. An emotionally stable individual knows how to manage or control his or her emotion in different circumstances or situations. However, if someone is emotionally unstable, they tend to behave or respond to a negative circumstance in an unpredictable manner which may not only hurt them but their partner also.

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  1. Unfaithful

This is another types of people you should never think of marrying. Faithfulness is very important in a relationship and marriage because it makes your relationship healthy and last. One of the easiest and quickest way to break a relationship is unfaithfulness; nobody can withstand or tolerate unfaithfulness no matter how small. A person that is unfaithful in a relationship/courtship will do more in marriage.

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Being faithful means being trustworthy and committed; not engaging in any secret affairs outside your relationship or marriage. It means telling the lady/guy winking at you that you’re in a relationship or married. It means telling him/her that you are not interested instead of deceiving him/her.

  1. An Addict

This is another set of people you should never think of marrying. No matter how great a man or a woman may be, if he or she is addicted to things like gambling, drugs, sex, alcohol or any other negative behaviour, it will surely affect the relationship/marriage. One of the side effects of being an addict is that an addict is more in love with their substance than their partner unless the addiction is fixed. So, it is advisable to avoid an addict by all means both in a relationship and marriage.

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However, the above are the 6 types of people you should never think of marrying. These six (6) qualities are apparent in every relationship or courtship. If your fiance or partner is freed from these six (6) qualities, it will go a long way in building a healthy relationship and a happy home.

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