How To Show Love To Your Girlfriend

How Can You Show Love To Your Girlfriend?

Nowadays, some guys failed when it comes to showing love to their partner or making their partner happy. Girls are delicate and flexible, it is very important you handle them with care. Action speaks louder than words. So, it’s not only about the sweet things that you say to your girlfriend, it’s all about the things that you can do for her. Here’s a list of the cutest ways to show love to your girlfriend:

how to show love to your girlfriend1. Call her as soon as you wake up just to say good morning!

2. Call her at least once in the day to find if she was doing fine.

3. If she’s angry with you, get her flowers and chocolates.

4. Give her time to be with herself; sometimes girls like to be alone.

5. Take her out for shopping.

6. Plan a surprise dinner for just the two of you at her favourite restaurant.

7. Don’t force her to do what she is not ready for.

8. Tell her that it is alright if she is not ready for something; more importantly, mean it.

9. Care for her and love her like no one else does.

10. Try to show interest in the things she likes.

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11. Seek for her opinion before making a decision.

12. You should have a unique way of telling her that you love her.

13. Compliment her.

14. Cook her favourite meal for her.

15. Share your secrets with her.

16. Tell her about your day; girls feel involved this way.

17. Girls love giving suggestions, at least pretend that it helped.

18. Honesty is the best policy – be honest to her and more importantly, to your relationship.

19. Give her the support and comfort she needs.

20. She loves you, you are her best friend – stand by her as her pillar of strength.

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21. Small words of appreciation will help for what she does for you. You can do this by saying some sweet words to her.

22. Love her for what she is and not what you want her to be.

23. After a hectic week, you could plan a weekend together to catch up with each other.

24. Lie down with your head on her lap – it will make you feel great and she’ll feel better.

25. Don’t just love your girlfriend but respect her – it matters a lot.

26. Be proud of your relationship; flaunt it as the most expensive thing you have.

27. Cuddle up on a couch and enjoy the feeling of just being together.

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28. Nobody is perfect – forgive her if she makes mistake.

29. Celebrate your promotion with her – because there’s a woman behind every successful man and she deserves to be a part of it.

30. SMS her from work just to tell her how much you are missing her.

31. Love knows no rules but if you know any break them for her.

32. Don’t do anything to break her trust – it hurts.

33. When she’s having a bad time, give her a warm hug – she needs it the most.

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34. A sweet good night kiss on the forehead and a warm hug is the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

35. Praying together in a religious place or even at home.

36. If she’s not well, take a day off just to be at her side.

37. Frame a sketch of the two of you together.

38. Carry her shopping bags for her while shopping.

39. Compliment her in different languages. You can compliment her by saying sweet words to her.

40. Send her flowers surprisingly.

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Note that it is not compulsory you do all these things at once; you can choose some of them one after the other. Doing this will makes her feel loved forever.


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