10 Things Guys Want From A Lady

A lot of ladies find it difficult to know what a guy wants from them or what makes them attractive to guys. No wonder it is very difficult nowadays to have a long-lasting happy relationship. Because of this, we have gathered 10 things guys want from a lady.

After reading this 10 things guys want from a lady, you will be able to understand what makes you attractive to guys.

10 Things Guys Want From A Lady1. Understanding and Support

This type of character is very rare among women today because many of them find it difficult to understand their man. Understanding your man and being a supportive woman will go a long way in building a long-lasting happy relationship. Men like a woman who understands them and also support their dreams. They want a woman that can serve as a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble.

Being supportive does not mean you have to be giving him money every time, though there is no crime in that. It means giving him necessary advice on his career and future plans.

2. Physically attractive

There is a common saying that “the way you dress you will be addressed”. Guys like ladies who are physically attractive. The physical attractive here is not about applying heavy makeup or putting on a half-naked dress. A good woman does not need to dress half-naked to impress men. Putting on a nice outfit is enough to make you attractive to good men.

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3. Kindhearted

A kindhearted woman is a selfless woman that is generous and care about others. Men like a woman that cares about their family, friends and other people.

4. Being ambitious

Apart from being supportive, guys like a lady that you pursue her own goals and dreams. A good woman must have a vision for her future and work towards it. SEE: Common Signs Of A Bad Relationship

5. High Self Esteem

This implies being confident in oneself. Guys love ladies who have confidence in themselves; who they are, and what they can do.

6. Good Attitude

A good attitude is one of the characteristics of a good woman. No matter how physically attractive a lady is, without a good attitude, your beauty is nothing. No man will be attracted to a woman that is arrogant and not submissive.

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7. Self Independence

Men like a woman that is independent. A woman that can do things on her own without relying or depending on others. A good woman must be self-reliance and capable of running her own life.

8. Intelligence

Being intelligent here is not about being bookish or being a book-worm. An intelligent woman is a lady that is knowledgeable about world affairs, someone that can contribute positively to happenings in her surroundings. Beauty without intelligence is useless.

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9. Open-Minded

Another quality that attracts a lady to a guy is the ability to express herself in a polite way. Guys love a lady that can easily express herself without being rude or disrespectful. Also, someone that does not harbour grudges. Some women can keep malice for a long period of time. A good woman should be able to express her displeasure to her man in an appropriate manner.

10. Guys also want to be pampered

It is not only ladies that love pampering. Guys also want to be pampered. There is no guy on earth that will not be attracted to a lady that pamper him.

Now that you know 10 things guys want from a girl, you can work on yourself so as to be attracted to good men and particularly your life partner.

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